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In the recent few weeks, I have seen quite a number of individuals who are eating dinner at nice and fancy restaurant – but most of the time their fingers and attention is to their iPhone, and sometimes the iPad. Well, I’ll be lying of I say did not do the same thing. I was in restaurant in Raffles earlier this week, and could not resist the fact that there’s so much interest in this new craze called ….. Draw Something.

It’s amazing. From what I read, the game was launch approximately six weeks ago, and has garner almost 30M players and has “processed” almost 1 billion drawings. Impressive! In addition to that, read a news report few days back, Zynga is buying over OMGPOP for $200M due to the success of Zynga. Damn..

Sometimes, it makes me thing – what does it take to get that IDEA, that one IDEA that can bring you the big bucks. It’s just so simple. I bet you, in the next few months we will see a whole bunch of copy cats that will come and launch games that’s similar to Draw Something. In fact, I foresee soon we will get a lot more of childhood games popping out on iPhone and iPad. Possibly, I can start thinking on how to make konda-kondi or galah panjang an iPad game. Or perhaps bola copping. Then again, I am not so much of an IOS developer, tried hard to learn but lacking the great ideas that’ll help me to build focus. Well now, damn lazy anyway. So much work at hand anyway.

He he…

Yahoo Messenger Coming to iPhone (With 3G Video Calls)

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videochatFew months ago, Apple launched iPhone 4 together with a striking new feature called Facetime. Facetime is a WIFI-based feature that will vdeo allow calls to be made between two iPhones (and later iPod touch). In order to support these feature, the new iPhone 4 and iPod Touch now comes with a front camera

Facetime quality is definitely excellent, but the problem is – its not as mobile as what people want it to be. It only supports wifi. In addition to that, Facetime can only work with another Facetime client. Until there are more clients for Facetime, I think this feature will just be a hype.

Riding on the wave of mobile video calls – are Yahoo Messenger. They have announced that the new version of iPhone-based Yahoo Messenger (and Android too) will come with 3G video call feature. This new feature will allow the user to interact with anybody who is using


Yahoo Messenger. Hence you get an agnostic solution to a simple problem Open-mouthed smile

I would definitely be looking forward for this new functionality, as I think video call is the way of the future, and inter-operatability is direction moving forward. In fact, if we look at video conference providers, all of them focus on the same standard which is H.323 to enable different software and hardware to talk to each other. Find the app at, which will keep you connected to your loved ones around the world!

I am so looking forward for this functionality. I do hope Yahoo will come out with a quality app for the iPhone. Hey man, not just it can do video call across different platforms, but it can also work on 3G!

Woo hoo..!

Android is actually quite good

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I must say after trying out the android phone, I can safely say that there has been a lot of thoughts put into it. The interface is very nice, not a good as iPhone. But its very much better than the windows mobile phones.

Deep integration with Google’s own products such as Google search, Google maps and Google talk does provide a significant advantage against its competitors.

In fact, their integration to social media platforms also makes it a very yummy phone.

All in all, the most important bit is the interface is snappy and requires hardly any brain power to master.