Am putting my blackberry on the back burner today, and started to use my under utilized iPhone.

Not really sure if this is a good idea but it’s all for the fun of it. He he. I wouldn’t really say that the iPhone is significantly better than Blackberry, but the fact of the matter is that, it definitely looks hell a lot better. Functionally, I reckon both are equivalent but iPhone does shows the email a lot nicer than the latter. But, the problem with iPhone is that, since it doesn’t run on a server, in order to forward any emails, the iPhone will need to ensure that it fully downloaded the email before forwarding it. This is really a pain in the ass, as typically when a person sends you a document, and you are supposed to forward it immediately, you will find that it is actually annoying when you have to wait for the download to be completed – especially when you don’t have access to wifi.

On the other hand, if you have access to wifi, the connectivity to the data network is so much easier via iPhone. Blackberry still needs some sort of mobile network, in order to ensure that the carrier make some more money? Muahahah

Anyway, this particular post was started on wordpress for iphone, and the photo above was uploaded using the same client. The quality is “so-so”, especially when compared against the 8900 curve. But doesn’t really matter.. the iphone is a great phone… Tomorrow would be another day of trying out… some.. somewhere.. little …

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