Bangladesh-Kid (Re)

Learning new tricks on lightroom is fun, and I can safely say that the new masking capability definitely has saved me a lot of time in terms of processing what needs to be processed. A case in point is this particular image. The photo below is reprocessed using Lightroom.

Reprocessed on Lightroom

The processing times took about maybe – 5 mins, with a combination of masking (intersect, adding, subtract). The photo below was processed using photoshop. Maybe took me an hour or so.

Processed on Photoshop

Not much difference if you ask, just the time spent! In fact, if I were to look at the masking that needed to be done then, OMG – so much time was spent.

Whichever way you process, the key is to look at the final outcome. For me – where I am the lazy kind – time is of the essence!

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