Throwback Bangladesh – Working Woman

When I was in Bangladesh – visiting a rice mill, we can see the whole family live and work in the place. It is really a very sad thing to see how poor were the families and I believe that the workers are paid peanuts. I guess when you have a population that is so…

Throwback Dhaka: Fish Monger

Back in 2010 – I made a trip to Dhaka for a holiday (not work). It was a great trip. It gives me an insight of the daily lives of Bangladeshi. We see them in Malaysia, but we never appreciated their existence. If one were to make a trip to Dhaka – we can see…

Foreign Workers

It’s amusing to see the fact that the workers that we see all over the place are foreign workers. To me it’s not bad, but it does show either two things: We have progressed to a point that labor work can be outsourced to foreign worker We just just being lazy ass and let the…

Child labor… And some life ranting

Child labor is something that is quite a norm for third world countries. Few years ago, I did a trip to Bangladesh for photography. As usual, my interest brought me to the corners of the country. Caught this picture, and of course this is one of the many I’ve seen with my eyes. What I…

Salon Photography in Bangladesh..

Sometimes is fun to do salon photography while in a trip. its not much for the photos, but to actually spend time with the locals. Create some excitement. The video here is a short footage of one of the salon photography we did in Panchuria village – somewhere in the middle of the Jute farm….

Teaching the kids how to say Bye Bye

During the recent trip to Bangladesh, we had the opportunity to interact with the villagers in Panchuria. At the end of the visit, gotta teach the kids how to say bye! That was really fun!

Donating Money to the School in Panchuria

Typically when me and my friends go for a photography trip, we will always try to visit the villages and obviously will look at ways where we can contribute back to them. In my recent trip to Bangladesh, me and the rest of the gang visited a village in Panchuria (which is our host village)….

Public Transport in Bangladesh

This is the typical public transport in Bangladesh, apart from the typical trishaw and buses. Seriously, its really a big nuisance – but i guess its probably the cheapest alternative to other means of transport. Well… I did try out once,.. here’s the experience….. gulp… Kakakakakka!


I really have no idea what this guy is shaving. Perhaps he is shaving the fellas eyebrow?


Madrasah (Arabic: مدرسة‎, madrasa pl. مدارس, madāris) is the Arabic word (of Semitic origin; viz Hebrew Midrash) for any type of educational institution, whether secular or religious (of any religion). It is variouslytransliterated as madrasah, madarasaa, medresa, madrassa,madraza, madarsa, medrese etc. Currently, there are three different systems of madrasah education in Bangladesh. They are the…