This photo was taken on Saturday 29 February. It was one of the days that I needed a walk to calm my nerves. It was a long emotional night for me, and I needed some time to digest. Yes – I was planning to have a photo walk the next day, but this day was different because so many things in my mind.

You can’t have a better tomorrow,

if you always thinking about yesterday

M10M 28mm Summaron-M 1/60 f/5.6 ISO3200


Sometimes in life, we just need to get the shit out of our system, and today was the day. So much shit from the past was thrown at you and I just needed to digest those shit. We can dwell of the shit from yesterday, and only focus on the shit that will come out today and beyond.

Yesterday’s shit may be smelly and watery, but today is when we need to focus on the doing the right things to make sure the shit is better. Mornings are always better when you are shit are smooth and fulfilling.

Yes – its a shitty day, but we need to support what we take and do in order to make it less shittier.


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