One of the tips during street shoot is to always get yourself ready. This technique require one to do zone focusing and know your camera (very well!). Since my camera is still very new (not even a month old), zone focusing is something that I am trying to get myself accustom to. The problem is of course I am shooting auto, thus when it comes to difficult lighting situation, it becomes quite complicated. Depending on the metering setting, I may need to reshoot. In fact for this particular photo, I shot a couple of times!

The output is as follows:

The problem with this photo is that, there are two sides of the photo that have at least 2 stops difference.

Here my original photo!

Can you see the issue with the photo! So I had to do few things:

  • Minor shadow edit in Lightroom – to bring up a bit of the darker areas
  • Open the photo as Smart Object in Photoshop
  • Masked the darker areas (use Polygon Lasso) and adjust using levels and curve
  • Usual post process – sharpen, exposure, levels for the whole image

SO the result is as follows!

[twenty20 img1=”11321″ img2=”11318″ direction=”horizontal” offset=”0.5″ align=”right” width=”100%” before=”Before” after=”After” hover=”true”]

Quite amazing right? Lol…

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