Pasar Karat – Seller

I have been eating soupy stuff at home because I felt like it! The problem is I do not have any soup bowl to use. The last bowl that I have was broken when I tried to heat up a soup a few years ago (yes!). The reason was that the bowl had metal strip which I thought was just a pain. From that point onwards, I told myself that I should not be buying expensive bowls. The bowl did cost me quite a bit.

Therefore, that morning I decided to head to Chinatown to buy a new bowl. I believe it should be quite cheap in comparison the malls. While I am at it, I brought my camera along. Hoping to shoot a few photos. One thing led to another, I ended up spending few hours shooting!

The photos above show one of Pasar Karat seller. The time was 7.15am – so it was pretty early and surprisingly, the place was very busy. Pasar Karat means rusty market. True to its name, most of the items are used.

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