Seberang Takir is a place where boats docked. It is located right at the river mouth facing the South China Sea. This makes that village to be perfect for fishermen as they are shielded from the rough seas during monsoon season.

The following photo shows the a boat docked by a self made jetty. This looks like a deep sea boat as the size is big. Generally – the boat is operated by locals. I am not sure if they are owned by any particular company but based on my conversation with the locals, the cost of a fishing boat is not cheap. Some can go up to few hundred thousands.

The row of boats below looks more like near shore type fishing boats. It does seem to have the ability to stay over night.

Boats are an essential aspect of daily lives for the Seberang Takir folks. I was told that the back then, the main transport is by boat. That is of course until the bridge was opened.

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