The Boat

Seberang Takir is a place where boats docked. It is located right at the river mouth facing the South China Sea. This makes that village to be perfect for fishermen as they are shielded from the rough seas during monsoon season.

The following photo shows the a boat docked by a self made jetty. This looks like a deep sea boat as the size is big. Generally – the boat is operated by locals. I am not sure if they are owned by any particular company but based on my conversation with the locals, the cost of a fishing boat is not cheap. Some can go up to few hundred thousands.

The row of boats below looks more like near shore type fishing boats. It does seem to have the ability to stay over night.

Boats are an essential aspect of daily lives for the Seberang Takir folks. I was told that the back then, the main transport is by boat. That is of course until the bridge was opened.


Kid By The Jetty

As I was exiting the bot penambang from the Jeti Seberang Takir to Jeti Pasir Payang – I saw this boy. Quickly I took the photo.

Bot penambang is a transport method across the river.

Below are a set of images of bot penambang. Taken during my trip – combination of both at Seberang Takir and Pasir Payang.


Belum Throwback

I thought of doing a throwback photo. A color photo in fact. In the past couple of weeks I have been posting whole bunch of black and whites, and today I decided to put in a colored photo!

This is a throwback of a photo that I shot during my trip to Belum back in 2010. I was on a boat and armed with a Nikon D3S, I was firing away! The colour is tad saturated (understatement), but it is fun to sometimes push a bit on the colours because I can!

Seriously – my brains are thinking in black and white. In fact – I was tempted to change this to black and white!


Wood Sanding

To use the wood, the boat maker will need to sand the wood so that the surface is smooth. Unlike the traditional technique, nowadays, boat makers use modern technology to save time. I believe back then, it was done manually using a manual sander. That itself can be a time-consuming exercise.

When I was there, he sanded almost 10 pieces of wood. I believe that it will take him more than 10 times the time AND energy if he were to use a manual sander.


My Editing Workflow

I thought today I wanted to share my editing workflow. I’ve changed my workflow many times, and this is my latest workflow. As I generally shoot black and white now, the workflow is far more straightforward as I don’t need to worry about colours.

Please ignore the number of photos that I have because I have not figure out how to manage my asset. I have way too many images; as such, it is not so productive for me to change now though it is probably better for me to start changing. I will perhaps research more on this later as it is too disruptive to change now!

The starting photo in its full glory!

The photo looks a bit washed out because of the difficult lighting situation. The day was extremely cloudy as it was predicted to rain.

The end result:

Depending whether the feel that you have, the photo may look a bit over processed. I prefer a more contrasty photo.

Photography Travel

Otaru Throwback

Thought – for a change is to post a colored photo! This is a photo from Otaru in June last year. Nothing special about this photo, just thought that I needed some color views 😀


Jobless in Japan – Day 8/9 – Nagasaki and Gunkanjima

Today is day 8-9 and I have surpassed a third of my jobless holiday. It has been great to be honest. Despite having withdrawal symptoms – I am feeling better now. To have time to think about life. Two things in my mind for sure – I wish I had travelled more when I was younger and I am wish I am much fitter. Not that current fitness level is stopping me for doing anything, but being fitter will allow me to do more!

Back to My holiday. Nagasaki is a port town. Back during the Shogunate era, Nagasaki is the only port that was opened to foreigners. In fact only to the Dutch. That’s why when you walk around Nagasaki – you do see a lot of Dutch influences. This is way before the English and American started coming.

Observing how the population works, I think the town is more of a trading town. There are not much of professionals around (like bankers and such). Well this could be because I am not staying at the posh area.

During my visit here, there were two major things that I visited and learnt. Gunkanjima(or Hashima) and Atomic Bomb.