The Boat

Seberang Takir is a place where boats docked. It is located right at the river mouth facing the South China Sea. This makes that village to be perfect for fishermen as they are shielded from the rough seas during monsoon season. The following photo shows the a boat docked by a self made jetty. This…

Paper Money

This is my last photo for February challenge where I wanted to post a photo daily. I actually cheated because I scheduled one photo per day, and slowly processed and posted a picture here! I saw the uncle below in Kampung Cina – Kuala Terengganu. It was raining, and I needed a good cup of…


This photo was shot at 7.45 am, but it did felt early because I left my house when it was dark. This photo shows an uncle reading thru the newspaper while sipping his favourite cup of coffee.

Lala Seller

While walking towards the market complex, I bumped into this lady that’s selling clams. I did know what she was selling until I zoomed in the photo during post-processing.Compared to the other markets I’ve been to in other countries, we don’t have many of this “makeshift” stalls. Nevertheless, we should not discriminate them as there…

My Editing Workflow

I thought today I wanted to share my editing workflow. I’ve changed my workflow many times, and this is my latest workflow. As I generally shoot black and white now, the workflow is far more straightforward as I don’t need to worry about colours. Please ignore the number of photos that I have because I…


Another shot from Chow Kit


Another black and white photo from my recent shoot in Chow Kit market. This is a photo of a stall owner counting his inventory of the day. The time of shooting 7.21am. Still early but outside was still dark.

Tokyo Metro

Another take… looks better in black and white

Roti Man

“Roti Man” is a term that is used for the person who sells bread on a motorcycle. Back when I was young, this was the highlight of the day. The “Roti Man” will ride his bike along my neighborhood and kids will just surround him. Back then, I believe most of the bread was sold…

Flat Badak

My photo library is filled with bunch of treasure which has not been unearthed. Many of the photos that I shot, ended up to be on the hard disk because I am just too lazy to process them. The think about digital photography is that you will need to work on the photos that you…