Hanoi Portraits



#Writing Challenge – 2/30

This is definitely one of the best portrait that I have captured ever. I think I have posted this portrait a few times in my blog, but I guess it worth mentioning again. It reminds how much I love photography back then. I have since put my camera down and have not been shooting much. I have been thinking so much in the past couple of months whether I should start going back to photography. It definitely gives me a sense of purpose especially during the weekends. And will also help me to do see more new things especially during my rides.

The photo above was captured during my trip to Hanoi as part of Crossing Bridges. It was the second Crossing Bridges ever. I was supposed to go to the first one but due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to pull out. Again – I have since not gone to much Crossing Bridges. The last one was in Padang. I do hope that I am able to go this year.


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