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Earlier this year – I made the decision to travel. In the past couple of years, I’ve been pushing more travelling because of my high stress work environment. Finally – after many years of working extremely hard (allegedly), I decided to pull the plug to move on to a better environment. Sometimes – we have to make drastic actions. I made the move out of consulting and got into banking. Life I must say is much more relaxing now, lot less stress compared to before.

Before I moved on to greener pasture, I took a month off and decided to travel to Japan for 1 month. It was one of the best adventure that I ever had in my life. Travelling without the the need to think about work is probably the best thing ever. And now, 4 months on – I am feeling the itch to travel. Where should I go?



In the past, when I travel, I always got stuck with email from back home, and had to attend few conference calls as needed. Finally – as I left my job I managed to leave all that in the past and just focus on travelling. I do wish I took a longer leave but I didn’t want to leave work too long. With much more leave, I should be able to travel more! With banking – there’s a compulsory block leave that I must take, as such I will travel more this year.

Can see from the above – I was so happy. Making idiot poses to be honest! Question is – where should I go. I do have about 23 days of leave this year and I do intend to take all the leave! I must.

I am thinking of Morocco? Good choice?


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