Maybank Cardless Withdrawal

In the past year, I’ve been losing my memory! Or rather been a bit too careless. There have been many instances where I left my wallet at home, resulting me driving around illegally without license, in addition to not having cash at all! This is really bad – serious.

Yesterday –Ā I went out for brunch/lunch together with the rest of my family – thank god for the not so clear photo taken by the waiter. Hehe. I usually don’t like to have my photo taken in public, but I guess it is what it is:)


After reaching Empire Shopping Gallery, I realised that my wallet was not with me. Unlike previous incidences, I am pretty sure that I didn’t carry it. It’s probably is still in my motorcycle jacket (and it was). I guess no money. I keep on telling my sister that I have no money to pay for lunch, and one of them will need to pay for it šŸ™‚

Anyway – to cut things short, whilst waiting for them to come (yes I was on time which is 11.30am), I decided to flip around and remembered my ex-colleague (Amran) told me about the cardless withdrawal with Maybank. So i decided to trigger this thru my Maybank2u app on my phone and transfer the monies. Maximum of 300 bucks, which is more than enough. Immediately, I receive SMS from them – it’s way faster than TAC!



The first SMS above I received, is a notification to yourself. Where I am supposed to pass the 6 digit code to your friend (which is in this case is myself!). The second SMS is a 16/17 digit code that the recipient receives šŸ™‚

After getting the SMS-es, I headed over to ATM and withdraw the cash!


First is to put in the mobile number, followed up by the 16/17 digits D


Next, I put in the 6 digit code… wooo whoo.


The money magically appeared!



At the same time, I also received a notification of the cash has been withdrawn. Pretty good.

Seriously – I think as we move on, this is the way to go. In fact, why do I need an ATM card, why can’t I just use my phone to withdraw cash ALL THE TIME. It’s so easy – seriously šŸ™‚


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