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Another Sunday, Another morning!

Today is another Sunday, well not really. It’s a start of a long holiday week. As usual, when it’s holiday – it means that I really need to clear up my email otherwise, by the time I come back, I’ll have hundreds of email that will be lying around – and I probably going to miss out a few!

This time around, I’ll be travelling out – my first long overseas holiday after I rejoin Accenture. I’ll be heading over to Abu Dhabi to visit my sister. Not sure what I will be doing there, but I think it’ll be good fun!

Clearing up emails for the week

My usual haunt – Starbucks Cyberjaya – not too far, not too near. Good nice easy straight ride in the morning to reach this place 🙂 Good connectivity – no LTE though, but it’s ok. Anyway – back to the holiday thingy, it’ll always a good fun to get away from work and home and enjoy some fresh air 🙂

I am hoping that the weather in Abu Dhabi is not too cold. So far, based on the weather forecast.


It’s not really that bad! In fact it’s quite awesome. Mid to high twenties is ideal for a nice stroll around. Perhaps I should be doing running in Abu Dhabi. Am sure it’s generally a safe country. Come on….

One thing that I will definitely miss in Abu Dhabi perhaps is my bike… haha

Ride thru breakfast..


Then again, I need to chill a bit! Ha ha… Been riding on the bike way too much in the past few weeks. In fact, since I got the bike about 2 months ago – I have clocked slightly above 5000km! That’s quite a lot. Every weekend, I easily do about 800km  without fail 🙂 The question now, when will I cross the northern border!!

Anyway – back to working! Really need to work.. need to work.. need to work!

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