Just a breakfast ride…

Decided when I woke up this morning to go up Genting for a quick breakfast and cabut. In fact I was planning to go Awana cause I had the twisties with the buses up to Genting. Awana is decent enough!

Weather was bloody cold. In fact this was the bike parked. During the ride, I can see the temperature goes down to about 14.5 degrees. I need a heated hand grip (another reason to get the LC 😀 ).


Cannot complain about the weather, cooling and the view is just fantastic. Though the ride up was quite hard – given the fact that the it was misty all the way thru. The fog was so thick that I had to move at about 30-40kmh, being careful along the way. I reckon the visibility is probably about 20 metres or so. No video as my gopro decided to over heat.


Video coming soon (on the way down, at least what I managed to capture!).

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