Today did a santai to Janda Baik. Santai meaning relaxing. Nothing too complicated. I was surprised that there wasn’t many cars or lorries on the road. In fact, during the journey thru road number 68 – there were only two trailers…

Waiting for Andy at the RV point – TTDI Petronas

Awesome view along Road number 68.


Right before the incident!


I fell off the bike this morning, as I lost control of the bike (almost stationery) while waiting for the cyclist to clear the road. Based on feedback from the experience riders on this situation – I should have approached slowly and maintain line on the far left (instead of trying to overtake from a short distance). I then should signal using my horn that I want to pass. A polite honk should be sufficient, then I should make my way pass the cyclist. Lessons learnt (check the video later!).

Incident 2 – tree fell..


RIght before we reached Janda Baik – we can see a tree that fell and practically blocked the way (both ways). We made a u-turn and rode to Janda Baik from Kg Bukit Tinggi instead.

All this for this huge calorie food…


Awesome right?


And the videos…

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