Solo Long Ride

This morning I did something crazy, which was to do a solo long ride. Finally, I woke up in the morning and decided that it’s time to be a man do a solo ride – somewhere far, somewhere with good mileage 🙂

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I left my house approximate about 6.15am and straight way left for Hulu Langat. Due to the early time – I decided to do a quick refuel and have breakfast at one of the shops along the road. If I am not mistaken, I stopped at Pekan Bt 18 at Hulu Langat.


Obviously I was early, I can see the neighbourhood start joining me for breakfast. I must say, the roti canai was quite yummy (and unhealthy). It’s been awhile since I actually ate a decent roti canai. It was fresh, crispy…. and dhal was awesome…


Moving on… I skipped Sg Tekali and move further through a whole bunch of Kampung area (nope, I don’t remember). From the Kampung, it basically connects to Klawang (yes the GPS never lie). I was a bit worried as I wasn’t very sure if the road is open. There’s been a lot of talks about the road being closed due to landslides! Well, from the JKR website it was ok though…. and true enough… it was open (at least from where I was). The road into the other end to Tekali is definitely closed.

Weather, is definitely awesome (yes, I did check at Met department website to ensure that it won’t be raining. Can see my happy face enjoying the ride. I think I need to get a proper landyard so I can hang my camera and take photo conveniently…


As i was talking about the weather, the temperature was hovering between 18 to 21 degrees. I did feel quite chilly! Wish I have a hand warmer. If and only if… Next bike, next bike… 🙂

Upon completing the Klawang road, I immediately took a break. I wish the shop was opened, a nice hot cup of coffee would be ideal in such weather. This is in Kampung Poum – right in front of the jail. Notice the tyre marks – the road was a bit sandy and muddy at some places due to landslides. I was riding extremely slow to ensure safety!

I made a coffee stop somewhere in this Kampung. Notice the background, nice scenery – very calming in fact!


A good cup of nescafe, in a kampung joint is really nice. There weren’t any food left (yes they are that popular!). By the time I left, the place was really packed! I believe this was the first shop I found, after riding for a long long time! Really need to rest. I tell myself to stop every 80-100km so that I don’t get that much tired. Even a quick standing up and stretch every 100km is good enough 🙂


I was later join by a group of kambing. We warn, riding at kampong places there are hazards all around which includes lembu, kambing and their poo! In fact the poo is probably a more dangerous as you can slip and fall, and would definitely get Banville Law involved, in case the injuries become serious. The trick, is to ride slow and enjoy the scenery…

These are the kind of roads that I was riding pretty much the whole morning (until i reach lukut). Surrounded by nature. Nice and cooling. There were not much of lorries and cars – barely one that appears…


I have no idea what happened, but my gps directed me to this small one lane kampung road. Enough to fit me and my bike… I still managed to stop and take picture. He he..


I just had to stop and take a panaromic picture 🙂


After getting out the small road, i go went back to national road. I guess the small road is a short cut (that can only fit a bike). At this juncture actually I turn left..


The road is still empty! Enjoyable cruising at national road speed 🙂 Why bother speeding…


After I reached Lukut, no point sharing any more photos. It was hot and reasonable traffic. Rather just focus on riding and ride back… ha ha…

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