A proud dad when the son bought a bike….


I actually stole this picture from his facebook… He he. Gaya must ada maaa! In fact, at his height this bike is ideal for him!.

Today… I made a trip to my parents house down in Keramat – and of course I rode the bike. Need to really crank up the mileage so that I can send the bike for its 1k service – and get myself used to the bike. There’s a few things which I am still struggling, one of them is to park it! Of course, when you sit on a 200kg bike.. and you tip toe, it doesn’t help at all. I reckon, it wouldn’t make a difference even if I have both legs on the ground. No way..


Photo aboves shows the mileage that I have cranked up since the weeked. 817km – that’s quite a distance I must say.


This is the picture of my bike, parked right in front of my parents. Hmm – it took me about 10 mins and a bucket of sweat to reverse park. It’s not that easy!!!!

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