Going crazy…

Obviously i did something crazy and bought myself a motorbike after 3 years of hard thinking (and I am still thinking I am absolutely crazy) but what is life if you don’t do crazy things. But yeah crazy like nobody’s business. But it’s all good fun though.

This morning – I did a 160km ride all over KL – going from home to Putrajaya to Dengkil to KLIA and back home.

Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 10.04.31 AM.jpg

Checkout the ride here


Obviously – i needed some coffee as I didn’t have much dinner and no breakfast. A cup of skinny latte and starbucks will foo to keep my mind awake throughout the journey. Yes, please excuse my helmet – it’s meant to be high viz so that I can be seen by idiots on the road.


On the way home from KLIA via NKVE – had to make a pitstop at Dengkil rest stop to fill up gas. Geeze.. RM25 give me a full tank of RON97. This should give me another 300km. Not bad at all 🙂


The rest of the equipments coming onboard would be panniers and touratech crash bars, skid plate and hand guard. On order… hopefully in the next one month i get it all. Not that I am going to ride fast anyway.

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