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Bulk Purchase Tip – Lee’s Frozen


Today I went to this place called Lee’s Frozen – it’s a shop that sells frozen meat… in bulk. If you are looking at buying a piece or two of meat, then don’t bother. Seriously.

Lee’s Frozen – from their website at stated that they have been in business since 1962, quite impressive really. They are probably one of those few business that been around a long time, and doing good – thru good and bad economic times.

I suspect that they are not just doing bulk sales to individuals, but also having large contracts to supply meat and stuffs to restaurants and grocery shops. The prices in Lees is seriously quite amazing. Imagine, buying in Jaya Grocer – a rib eye will cost approximately about RM159.90 – last I check yesterday. And when I went to Lee, the most expensive rib eye cut – not including Wagyu is RM45 per kg! That’s awesome. Imported from New Zealand 🙂

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The location above, if you can see – it’s right smack in the middle of town 🙂 So shiok!

Anyway, at the end of the shopping spree today – I ended spending almost 450 bucks on a whole bunch of frozen food, including 3.7kg of New Zealand rib eye, 4kg of a whole salmon, 1kg of smoked salmon and a packet of turkey ham.

Seriously – I think it’s good stuffs! I would fully recommend anybody to go to Lee if you want to buy good quality meat and seafood (frozen of course).

Just before I end this post, have a look at a picture of the guy cutting MY SALMON!

2012-09-22 12.31.14.jpg


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