Migration Successful to Amazon EC2


This morning I decided to migrate to Amazon EC2, in line with my current focus at work which is to drive Cloud adoption in Malaysia. I must say, nothing beats experiencing it first hand! I wonder if I can claim the cost of this migration from work? Even if i can, it’s free anyway to move to Amazon 🙂 At least for the first year.


The location for my blog is now… http://blog.mohamadfazli.com/ for the time being until the domain transfer is successful. There will be a slight downtime, but it should be good to go. Setting up the Amazon EC2 – as easy as it sounds, it is definitely not for the faint hearted, seriously!

It’s a complete refresh of Linux/Unix skills! Setting up apache, php, mysql, wordpress… from command line is really an experience! In addition to that, I had to migrate all the content off from my existing blog address to the new one. That is not that difficult except for this weird bug from wordpress export, where the title of the blog is not exported out! Does not matter, everything is good now 🙂

Maybe, I should write a tutorial on how to migrate from wordpress on a normal hosting to Amazon EC2. Not rocket science, but not for the non-techie 🙂


The ping time to my instance is about 35ms!!! That’s super awesome weih 🙂

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