Visit to Pudu Wet Market

Last Saturday, did another photography walk, this time around together with the Olympus Pen Group. I am not really sure what’s their website/forum/facebook page – but I was referred by a fellow photography Scott Chung. The group was really big, Β in fact to my count it was about 10 people. I have not been in a such a big group in a long time, especially when visiting places like a market. The photo below shows some of us yum-cha at Pudu Plaza after the shoot. What’s a shoot without have to minum? No?

Yum-Cha – After!

Well – now back to the real stuffs. The walk itself was pretty shot. We met in front of Pudu Plaza at 8am. I was right there sharp at 7.55am – and the rest was all there. They decided to came early to go for breakfast. We headed over to a beef noodle shop right down the corner. I didn’t ordered anything as it was pretty complex food for such an early morning breakfast. A fried egg and toast will be ideal.

Breakfast at Beef Noodle Place

Immediately after the not so short breakfast (30 mins+), we headed over to the Pudu Market – shooting things along the way. As we are such a big group – it was impossible for us to be able to shoot without gaining any attention from the public. One thing that I should remember – when shoot with a big group think about the food that you going to eat throughout the shoot and not the pictures!

To cut short – I did not managed to get any good pictures as it was horrifyingly not my cup of tea. It was really difficult to walk and shoot – I would prefer a walk sit eat and shoot (if opportunity arises). That explains why photography is not such a healthy venture for me! So we got to Pudu Market , first stop chicken stall. The auntie does not look friendly at all… He kept staring at me… **scary**

Auntie Chicken?

And here’s another wide shot of her… Not so sure if this photo works. Terrible exposure – but it does show how good is the camera in handling difficult lighting situation.

Auntie Chicken Part 2

As I walked around the market – then I stopped over at a Porkie stall, and I quickly snap. I have no time to play around the exposure as it was a smack opportunity. Did not turned out as good as I thought it would be πŸ™

Porkie Stall

And then….. GOLD MINE. I found the subject to shoot. It was an uncle that was manning a key shop. Lighting was fantastic, though it was a tad drastic. I took gazillion photo at this shop…

Key Shop #1
Key Shop #2
Key Shop #3
Key Shop #4
Key Shop #5
Key Shop #6

Six photos on one subject – that’s interesting isn’t it! Well – shoot as much as we can. Figure out later πŸ™‚ Next stop was a petai seller – which was towards the end of the market. Decided to do a type of framing that I overused when I was in Tawau and Siem Reap. Well hopefully it worked better here.

Sleepy Seller…

Towards the end of the market – I saw this sleepy seller. I probably ended up like that when I got home! Hwiwiwiwi..

Those who wants to visit Pudu Market – head over to this google map link…

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