This photo was shot at 7.45 am, but it did felt early because I left my house when it was dark. This photo shows an uncle reading thru the newspaper while sipping his favourite cup of coffee.

Lala Seller

While walking towards the market complex, I bumped into this lady that’s selling clams. I did know what she was selling until I zoomed in the photo during post-processing.Compared to the other markets I’ve been to in other countries, we don’t have many of this “makeshift” stalls. Nevertheless, we should not discriminate them as there…


As much as the Leica M Monochrom is a great camera with superb dynamic range. It won’t be able to defy the basics of digital photography. The top right hand corner of the photo is way over blown. I screwed up on the exposure. I should have been smart enough to average out the exposure…


Another one of my Chow Kit photo. Blurry as hell but I do like the composition. The guy was staring at me for a good five minutes after he had his puff! No choice, but I guess shoot him πŸ™‚ He then moved away. So happen there was a bike there πŸ˜€

Sundry Shop

… Another photo from Chow Kit Market. Its blurry but I guess technology helps!


Another black and white photo from my recent shoot in Chow Kit market. This is a photo of a stall owner counting his inventory of the day. The time of shooting 7.21am. Still early but outside was still dark.

Revisit: Noodle Maker

Last Sunday, I decided to make a trip to the Chow Kit market. The place somewhat changed as the slaughter area has been demolished. Here is a teaser of a set that I will share later part of the week. Shot on Leica M Monochrom with 24mm Lux

Tawau Boy

Throwback 2007 – I went to Tawau for recce for Crossing Bridges. After going for few places for Crossing Bridges the Malaysian team decided to organize one in Malaysia and we decided on doing it in Tawau/Semporna/Maiga. As part of the organizing team, I did a recon trip to Tawau. It was a good trip…

Revisiting Yangon Photos

I need to build a habit of rating my photos. Most of my photos are not rated, I just process which ever that I feel like processing and letting it be. The problem with this is that, I don’t have a view of what I have done right or wrong, and especially when I come…

Bogyoke Aung San Market

Bogyoke Aung San Market is a famous market (filled with tourist of course) in Yangon. Based on wikipedia: Bogyoke Aung San Market is a major bazaar located in Pabedan township in central Yangon, Myanmar. Known for its colonial architecture and inner cobblestone streets, the market is a major tourist destination, dominated by antique, Burmese handicraft…

Chiang Mai – The Big Gallery

Going to Chiang Mai was an impulsive action where I wanted to take a break from all the craziness at work (not that crazy). I do believe that taking little breaks every now and then does give me some recharge (or not). Also – this year is where I am taking a strategy to do…

Street Shoot – Been A While

It has been quite a long time since I did any street shoot, so today I decided to go for a quick street shoot with my camera. After the morning meal (Sahur) – I straight away drove to Chow Kit market. Was expecting some actions from the chicken section but unfortunately that place has been…