Burmese Condominium


As you walk along the streets of Myanmar, you will be able to notice a whole bunch of condominium mushrooming everywhere. The place where I stayed (Dagon) – doesn’t really have any luxury condominium. In fact – the most luxurious place that I’ve seen is the hotel that I stayed – which is Park Royal.


The photo above – shows a typical frontage of a condominium along the back streets behind the hotel that I stayed. It looks like those old condominium that came from the 80s. One day I must try to go up and take some photos of it. Not so sure if its safe – but surely I need a local guide to help to do this.

Some of the condominium that I saw are duplexes. I didn’t managed to take a photo of it but it does seem that at some point of time, these condominiums were luxury accommodations.


In my trip back to the airport, I did noticed that new condominiums are being built. And these are the modern ones and I believe that as the country continue to develop, new wealth will continue to spur luxury developments. And the income disparity between the rich and the poor will be wider.


Tokyo Metro


Tokyo Metro is an integral part of the daily lives of Tokyo inhabitants. Without Tokyo Metro – the whole Tokyo will be in a grid lock. Despite mountains of people walking on the street, the commute between longer distances are done mostly thru Tokyo Metro. I have not taken Tokyo buses before but the Metro is my usual mode of transport whenever I am in Tokyo. The following are collection of my photos during my solo trip in Tokyo this year.


Missed the train….


Common scene where most of the people are hooked to their mobile phones while waiting for the train.


Common scene inside the “empty train”


Again… more common…