Urban Market@Pantai Dalam

After a long hiatus of shooting, finally managed to get myself out of bed early on Sunday morning and go out shooting. This morning, we decided to go to Pantai Dalam, somewhere near the Komuter station. Johan mentioned that he passes by the place almost every Sunday and never stopped by, so it’s good time to go.


The market reminds me of the places I’ve been in Vietnam and Indonesia, old school type market but surrounded by development. Pantai Dalam itself located in Kuala Lumpur – near the border to Selangor. From the view, I can see a lot of government housing(not so sure if it’s low cost) – right next to PJ Section 5(a lot of old school bungalows).

Government Housing at Pantai Dalam

As a lot of other places, usually train station is the centre of “attraction” where a lot of business are located. The place is extremely busy, with cars parked by the road side. Hardly has room for two cars to pass by.

Quite a challenge to navigate!


What’s excellent is the fact that the people are extremely friendly. In fact, we can see the smiles in their face whenever we approach them to take pictures. In places located at the fringe, they hardly encounter photographers nor tourist. Obviously it does not help with some of my kakis who looks like Koreans or Japanese.

Happy faces greeting us. Am sure the corn is lovely!


In fact the conversation that we had, sounded like this…

Lady: Awak dari mana nie (Where you from?)

Johan: Dari sini… Bukit Gasing (from here, just Bukit Gasing)

Lady: Oh.. Hehe

There’s a lot of stuffs that was sold in the market, from meat to vegetables – right to clothing and second hand shoes. There’s also quite a number of medicinal and aphrodisiac stuffs – but doubt I would be interested, at least not yet.

Few pictures deserve the light of the day. But my hit rate getting worst. Definitely because I’ve not been shooting much. Need to shoot more!



Smoking Fish Seller

Chicken Seller



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