I Love Malaysia Photography

Child labor is something that is quite a norm for third world countries. Few years ago, I did a trip to Bangladesh for photography. As usual, my interest brought me to the corners of the country. Caught this picture, and of course this is one of the many I’ve seen with my eyes.

What I can say is that it’s appalling but at the end of the day, families in those country has no choice but to get their sons to help out in order to make ends meet. That’s why it’s not surprising when we see a lot of Bangladeshi immigrants come to our country(Malaysia) and willing to “work like a dog”. Do whatever the boss says! I guess because the environment back home would not be much of a difference anyway.

We in Malaysia should feel fortunate with what we have. Yes, we might be the richest country in the world nor do we live in the best environment, but all in all – as bad we may think our situations, there are a lot of countries that are worst.

Anyway – this year I have not gone, nor do I have any plans for a photography trip. I should do, at least once. Work been catching up I guess… Gosh. It’s so sad when somebody commented to me – why you keep recycling your old photos. The answer is of course I don’t have time to take any. But I guess – time is all relative. I should make time for it.. Some how .. Some what


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