After endless tries to avoid cross fit, i decided to give a try finally! I am sure, today’s sampler session would be a killer and knowing me – a sucker for intense pain (via crazy workouts), i would succumb to it.. somewhat or rather…

Thanks to endless persuasion from my friends – now I am somewhat almost there, but not there (provided i don’t break my back or my knees) during the sampler session… We shall see if i decide to pay join the membership for the house of pain…

Anyway, here’s an excerpt to what crossfit is.. taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CrossFit

CrossFit uses Olympic weightlifting, kettlebells, gymnastics rings, pull-up bars, and many calisthenicsexercises. CrossFit athletes run, row, climb ropes, jump up on boxes, flip giant tires, and carry odd objects. They can also bounce medicine balls against the floor or a target on a wall.

CrossFit workouts often call on athletes to move large loads long distances quickly. Many CrossFit gyms use scoring and ranking systems, transforming workouts into sport. [2]CrossFit responds to criticism that its program is too intense by citing an essential element of its methodology: workouts should always be individually scaled and varied.

CrossFit seeks to unify health and fitness. It defines health as sustained fitness. CrossFit’s prescription for achieving this fitness is constantly varied high intensity functional movements. CrossFit says fitness can be graphed in three dimensions, with duration of effort on the x-axis, power on the y-axis, and age on the z-axis. At each duration, power capacity is averaged across a variety of modal domains (skills and drills). CrossFit says it increases work capacity and speed in these domains by provoking neurologic and hormonaladaptations across all metabolic pathways. CrossFit says it is building a technology of human performance through careful definition of terms, constant experimentation and precise measurement by using a force, distance and time approach, rather than a molecular one. Unfortunately, across broad time and modal domains, Crossfit does not produce great athletes, just large buckets of puke. CrossFit views such measures as lactate threshold and vo2 max as correlates or components of fitness, but says measuring actual performance in specific workouts is of far greater interest to athletes and coaches. [5] CrossFit was introduced to the academic exercise physiology community at a meeting of the American Society of Exercise Physiologists in April, 2009. [3]

Head over to www.crossfit.com or local gym at www.pushmore.com.my

Oh gosh….

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