After about 1 month of absence from using my Iphone to track my running distance, today i finally started using it again. Honestly, I have reduced quite significant my mileage, clocking about 15-20km only per week since end of fasting month. Even then, I don’t use Iphone to track it because my Nike+ sensor was running out of battery – thus it keep giving me inaccurate speed!

Anyway, this morning – i decided to hit the gym for a 10k (instead of the plan run in Taman Tasik, sleep seems to be more enticing). Coincidentally, today is also the Human Race 10k+. I managed to sync in time and now, waiting for the results to be in 🙂 I doubt I will be anywhere near the top 100k around the world. I did run very slow – very very slow. I would need to push up at least about 30 seconds pace from today’s run – in order to run below 5 hours for a marathon. Gosh….

Screen shot 2009-10-24 at 11.47.30 PM.png

So – i did it… I shall wait to see what’s my ranking 🙂 WIll update this post once I get it!.


Result just came in!!

Screen shot 2009-10-25 at 12.05.51 AM.png

11th…. so far 😀

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