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The “way too addictive” Facebook is worth USD15bn

Blardy hell, Facebook is way way damn big. And how do we come out to this value anyway.. .here’s some calculation

FACT: Microsoft invested a total of USD240 million for a 1.6% stake in Facebook

Thus..if we back track.. for 100% stake.. one would have to pay

USD240M X 100 / 1.6 = USD15 billion!!!!

Well this is .. hmm outrageous. But seriously I wouldn’t be surprise if Microsoft themselves would ended up buying over Facebook. Fact of the matter is that Microsoft been trying very hard to build their “social” networking capability but I guess none of em fail to reach what Facebook as achieved. Its has been said that Facebook actually get about 200k new “faces” everyday!! Bugger, that damn a lot leh. If we take Malaysia population.. we would need slightly more than 3 months to actually get everybody on Facebook!!!!

Checkout this link on why 15 reasons why Facebook is worth that much


Fact… USD15 billion is 5% of Malaysia GDP!!!


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