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Blind Should Be Able to Carry Firearms


A front-runner for president in United States basically told Fox News that the blinds and physically disabled should be able to carry guns – in line with the Constitution!!

During a town hall meeting in northwestern New Hampshire Tuesday night, Giuliani told a former police officer blinded in the line of duty and concerned about the former New York City mayor’s stance on guns, “You don’t have to worry.”

“You have a constitutional right, that is protected, to bear and carry arms. It is the Second Amendment,” Giuliani told about 200 attendees in a high school gymnasium in Lebanon. “If someone disagrees with that, you have to get the Constitution changed.”

He added that he believes in only three restrictions for those wishing to exercise their Second Amendment right — a previous criminal record, a history of mental instability and an age requirement.

This is amazing!! No offence to the blind, but my personal opinion I would think that handling a firearm would require a person to have certain ability which is eyesight. Then again, that’s how US constitution has been written, and one should respect another countries law…

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