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Google is Fighting Back

Wah.. Google is fighting back Microsoft with a project, codenamed Makamaka or was it Mocha-Mocha or was it Moka-Moka. I believe this is the same as what Facebook is doing, but whether its good or not – time will tell. Google will be leveraging on their vast amount of computing power as well as the established variety of applications such as Youtube and Gmail. Then again, in “business” first to market would always win the game. Facebook – getting 200k new subscribers a day would definitely have a HUGE headstart!!

Anyway – we shall see lar. Am sure Google will be coming out some funky stuffs in Makamaka – with direct integration to Gmail and Youtube. He he..

This head-on fight between Microsoft and Google will be an interesting thing to watch! Heh heh, and the end of the day.. the Netizens will be the one who would benefit out of this 😀

I think in Makamaka is Japanese for My Friend. I think so lar..

Checkout this leaked stuffs… HERE

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