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Apple going to make USD3.4 trillion in two years from AT&T contract?

Holy crap!!! USD432 per IPhone contract!!!

An analyst with Piper Jaffray, having examined reams of financial statements, says that AT&T pays Apple $18 per month for each activated iPhone. That works out to $432 per two-year contract.

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Damn!!! Apple claims they have sold 1,119,000 IPhone is the 4Q 2007 – that’s work out to…

1,119,000 X USD 432 = USD 48,340,8000

Damn!! That’s to be clocked in two years liao!! On top of that this is excluding the money that Apple would make from the hardware profit! Geeze


And based on Morgan Stanley’s projection here.

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Morgan Stanley analyst Kathryn Huberty reiterated her buy rating on Apple Inc. , saying she believed the market is underestimating the likely success of the iPhone. She raised her 2007 iPhone sales forecast by 33% to 8 million units from 6 million, following a survey of 2,500 U.S. consumers. Huberty also believes Apple’s ability to leverage strong iPhone demand is being underestimated. “While we see positive leverage drivers across Apple’s product segment, the iPhone alone increases scale (better pricing from suppliers), strengthens retail store leverage (increased velocity on fixed-cost base) and takes advantage of lower NAND [memory] pricing in the market,” Huberty said in a research note.

Bugger, if they manage to get 8 million units by end of 2007, we looking at….

8M X USD 432 = USD 3,456,000,000

All time will tell…

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