I am on leave..

do-not-disturb.jpg For what ever reason, I have decided to ask my boss to go on leave for the whole week this week – due to some personal matter that I need to sort out. But seriously, I have not manage to even sort out my personal matter because – I had to be in office most of the time… See.. 

  • Sunday – was out of town for a meeting with client (which ended up delayed to Monday morning)
  • Monday – was out of town to attend meeting that was shifted!!
  • Tuesday – morning – Had to attend a meeting with a client in the morning in some obscure hotel in the middle of town (Seri Pacific), afternoon i was in office till 5pm to sort out some tenders..
  • Wednesday – my first day off 😀
  • Thursday – Was in the office the whole morning to sort out all the claims for the month as well as catch up with the managers on the project updates…
  • Friday.. (wishing that i can sort out my personal stuffs)….  

  😀 😀  

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