Why do i need an Ipod Touch?

ipodtouch.jpg   One of those ramblings that i do in early mornings (post sahur)… Why do I actually one this piece of gadget (yeah.. i already have the 1G ipod nano and 5G ipod video…)

  • My eye sight is getting worst 
  • Most videos are wide screen
  • My 5G ipod video has too much space (80GB)
  • My 1G ipod nano is way too little space (4GB)
  • IPhone is rather a useless handphone for my kinda usage
  • My ipod nano easily scratched
  • I only have a bout 6GB of music to play in GYM 😀
  • My portable DVD players runs out of battery every two sessions in gym
  • New tv series season coming end of September
  • Errr… I need to rake those credit card points =))


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