Procrastination Part#2 – Types of Proscrastination


There are several types of Procrastination –

Perfect Preparer

The type of people who procrastinate because they want to ensure that everything that can be done for the preparation is done. Like, ensure that the weather is good, the timing is right, the water is warm, everybody is around and etc. If any of the preparation work is not there, they will not start the task, thus continuously  the task in hand will be delayed and delayed and further delayed.


People who tends to continuously  disturb people while they themselves are doing the task. Like, hmm… during the write up of the proposal, go out of the office have a chat with a fellow colleague, and as the conversation drags on and on, time is wasted and the task gets delayed. Next thing you know, its 6.00pm and you will be working after office hours (provided that you plan to do that).


This strange type of human being, will ensure that their desk are clean before even proceeding with work=)) Definitely not me, hmm.. except for some days which i am inhumane 😀

Happy Helpers

People who tend to help other people first before their own work. They are seen to be happy people and very nice ppl. Well, definitely I am not one of those people. My work will come first lar, the rest can delay delay a bit. I think this type of procrastination is more suitable for male that is courting another female in the office environment =))

The types of procrastination is extracted from the book Procrastinator Handbook =)) Very good book indeed 😀

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