Procastination…. Part#1


I have realised that lately i have been procastinating a lot of things, resulting myself have to endure late nights and clutter-field environment (both in office and at work).

Well, most of it i will attribute to the constant flow of meeting day in day out. I hardly able to actually sit down in office to do the things i should be doing, like hmm.. file the printed stuffs, file the invoices and proposals (yah its still on my table or drawer). 🙁 Blek..

In addition to that, I also this weird problem of addiction, hmm… pretty much as follows:

  1. Surfing the forum too much (Photomalaysia, Mymug, etc) – Oh yeah site admin for the community forum doesn’t help
  2. “Shopping” too much on ebay =))
  3. Monitoring the stock market
  4. Yahoo chats?

=)) What shall i do? Perhaps limit those activities to lunch times and after work.. he he..

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