Technical Issues Resolved (Update)

Finally, after weeks of having issues with my blog, i have managed to revived it. Actually, the viewers won’t be able to notice anything much – because all the issues are related to the wordpress engine which i am using.

Following are the issues:

1) The table wp_comments dissapeared!

2) WordPress keep asking me for API key (for Akismet)

Heck, having to be a non-expert in wordpress – i have to live with this issues for the longest time. Hence why there are not much of picture posting by me (Sorry guys).

Anyway, yesterday i decided i need to resolve this issue, because if i don’t resolve this issue – the problems will just get worst and worst.

For issue #1: No wp_comments table

Initial thought was to actually create the wp_comments table from scratch – i.e. lose all the comments entries. I tried many many times, but keep getting ERR:121 from MySQL. Argh.. damn it… dunno wat to do.. thinking and thinking and thinking…
Then i resorted to a complete rebuild of the database, but by doing this – i will lose all the entries which i made. So that’s a no go.. then……..

Suddenly i found light! Heh heh… What i did was.. i exported my database into a sql file,


I created a new fresh database! I ran the sql file on phpMyAdmin… waaaaaaalaaaaaaaaaah… all the tables are there (obviously except for the wp_comments).

Then i ran the the table creation script for wp_comments which i managed to google up.

After that, i modified the wp-config.php file to reflect my new database…


Issue #2: Akismet API Key

This was the easy part.. a bit of googling.. In order to get the key, i just need to register with then i will get the API key. The API key is free if your site doesn’t make more than USD500. My site doesn’t make money.. so doesn’t matter.

After putting in the key, now all my spams are blocked.. YAY!!!

So the blog is up and running. Next round, i will be updating the theme.. whenever it is

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