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New prototype website….

I have managed to get myself going with the design of my new website. As you guys can see, my current website is currently under construction (

The delay in getting the prototype out, is actually i was trying to figure out what kind of colour scheme which is should use. Typically, i would love a grey fonts and black background The problem is that, this kind of colour scheme is way to common especially for photography websites.

Hence… i resorted to a fresh set of colours. The layout of the main title is also made simple so that the focus would be more on the pictures – rather than the writings (which i am so not good at).

Following is the screen capture of my main page.. (yeap that’s the only thing which i have done so far)…

Website Main Page Prototype

You can view the full page at this address

Some of the stuffs which i plan to add in is as per my menu items:

  • about fuzz – Pretty much a 100 words essay abt myself. I am a bad writer… so maybe i just put some pictures and some words..
  • photo gallery – This is a photo gallery of all my best photos. Most likely i will be auto generating in from aperture. But i have yet to figure out how to integrate Aperture with Macromedia Flash (both i have legal license!).
  • publications – This is pretty much scans of all my pictures that has appear in publications, well i do have on or two pictures published!
  • personal projects – Some personal projects that i am working on, which most of it is now currently abandon. I plan to relook at these projects in the near future.
  • blog – Link to this blog.. what else lar. But with respect to the deployment of the new website, i will be changing the theme of this blog to reflect the “theme” which i used for the new website. I will be deploying wordpress on my spare Imac G5, so that it’ll be much easier for me to develop.

The website will be running primarily on flash – because i figure this is the best way that i can protect myself from ppl who steals pictures. This problem is really annoying. Though this is not a full proof way, as they can still screen capture – at least it’ll stop them from saving the image directly (make their life more difficult).

Anyway.. will keep on updating this blog on the progress of the website. I doubt it will be ready by end of this year, as i will be going for holiday + work trip to US next month. Maybe… by end of quarter 1 lar…

Due to the migration to the prototype is currently unavailable.

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