Borderline Living… and crossed

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For many years I have been living with a borderline blood pressure to hypertensive. Historically – I am hypertensive as my parents are both suffering from hypertension. In fact my mum – suffered a series of stroke that somewhat making her having issues with some parts of her life (including dementia). In the many years of doing medical check up, I have been diagnosed to have borderline hypertension. But I guess I have not been doing what I should do which is to control what I eat and making sure that go back down to the normal range of hypertension.

Last week – I went to buy a new Blood Pressure monitor as my previous one has given way. As I was testing, I also took my BP reading and to my surprise(or not) – the eventual had happened. It was pretty damn high which also explains the occasional headaches that getting a bit more prevalent in the past couple of weeks. I immediately pop over to my doctor and after many a long conversation with him, he said its time. Its time to start calling myself a hypertensive patient. And start taking medication. He did mention to me that looking at how high it is, if I manage to lose 20-30kg of weight, I should be able to get back to normal range and potentially can get off the BP medication.

I am not monitoring my BP daily. There are some changes of the BP based on the medication, but based on my research, it’ll take approximately 4 weeks before I will be able to see any results. In fact more importantly – I need to start adopting massive changes to my diet if I want to be able to lose weight and drive down my blood pressure. It is going to be a challenge. I know that the project364 somewhat went down the drain but recently I kick started that again in order to make sure I get down back to my healthy range. There are so many impact of high blood pressure and it is extremely important that I manage this because a lot of shit can happen, example kidney failure. Not something that I want. In fact – in my next meeting with the doctor, I need to take a blood test to make sure that there are no protein in my kidney. If there is – I am screwed till kingdom come. But I am confident that I am able to recover from this health mishaps. Its something that I need to do – if not now.. it’ll be sometime soon. I can do this. I can really do this. Slowly but surely.

Sketching : New Hobby

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I know for the longest time that I have an inclination towards art. But I have never tried to grow that and let it slide. Inclination towards art does not mean that I am any good at it or have a talent to do art. But honestly – I think it is something that I can grow if I continue to do what I do which is to practice. Its definitely not something that is easy but if as I accept the fact that I need to go thru a learning process, I think I will be able to get where I want to reach.

In the past couple of weeks to months, I’ve been meddling around with doodling. I know that I am not good, but I continue to learn and improve myself. And it does get better and better. More importantly – I get to push myself out of the zoned out and stressed environment. Not to say doing art is not stressful, but my mind sails to a universe that is very calm and zen.
I work in a high pressure environment where at any one time I am pressured to deliver. Thinking about work always makes me feel extremely tired and does affect my health quite significantly. In fact in the past week – my blood pressure is extremely high and doctor has prescribed me with BP medication. This is not good. I need to push hard to bring my BP down both thru reducing stress and controlling food (to reduce weight). Hence – drawing and sketching gives me that zen moment that will help me to be calm, especially after work and the weekend.

I am pushing myself to sketch a page every day. Non stop, hopefully I improve my sketching 🙂

My sketching – I do mixed media. I utilise colour pencils, copic markers and now water colour. I am not good in any of them but I guess as I discover what I can and cannot do, I will find out what will be the best medium suited for me. In fact, maybe I just go with all the three mediums.

My end goal is to draw on canvas! I am giving myself another year before starting to draw on canvas. Thats a different animal altogether but hey – we must always try. You never know, I might end up to be like Jim Carrey!

Question that people always ask me is that why I don’t do digital art. Well – to be honest I’ve tried to get into this but the feel of digital is not the same as traditional media. Using pen and paper is definitely so much more fulfilling. I am not doing for commercial, as such pen and paper is the best. And best part, with my latest acquisition of Travellers Notebook, I am able to draw anywhere and everywhere as my notebook is also my sketch book. I just bring along my brass pencil case to carry my art tool 🙂

My humble living room

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I have stayed in my apartment for almost 14 years. It has been a place I call home. Its definitely very small, but it is enough for me to call home. I’ve done so many things in this place, and I have achieved so many great things, and also suffer great loss too. But I still remember this place as home.

I’ve moved out of my parents when I was quite young, reason being is that I wanted a place that I own, I wanted some personal space. It is not far from my parents but I guess when you are young, you want to achieve something that other people wanted. I may not be able to afford an apartment then, but I was able to suffer thru to get myself a place to stay.

In fact, the place remain unrenovated for many years. Only a year ago that I decided to embark on a transformation program to change my apartment. I guess, its time to embark on another transformation to fill the wall with my art pieces, whether its drawing or photography. I think I can do this.

Ok – its Sunday… time to go on two wheels 🙂


My blog got hacked…

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My blog was hacked couple of weeks ago, and I only managed to recover the blog yesterday as I had some free time. My hosting provider removed permission to the hacked files, and I had to work on restoring the my posts from fresh. Thank god the database is still intact, otherwise years of posting will go down the drain.

I know its something that I should be wary off when working on a public facing website. I am curious that blogs like mine which is barely being read by anybody is a subject of hackers. I guess – its fun for them.

In fact – recently my Playstation account was hacked too, in addition to my pseudo Insta account. God.. its just getting a bit hideous. But its ok, I guess we do what we do. As long as my bank account are not hacked, the rest are really not so important 🙂


Musings again

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It has been quite a while since I post anything. Been really busy. But partly it’s because the blog has not been really stable lately. I got a notification from dreamhost stating that my blog is eating up process times. Can’t be bothered the debug now. Maybe when I have time.

Write More

I decided that it’s time that I write more. Writing more gives me that calmness and zen. I might not be the greatest or “bestest” writer – but I need to start somewhere.

It is a start of the financial year for the firm that I work for. It could have been yesterday but because of the public holiday that announced due to the nation’s success, work starts today.

I’ve not jumped into a new frame of mind yet. Usually I will take a couple of weeks, but I guess this year will be different. In fact, I have a 9am meeting to do brainstorm! Early start of the year I must say.

Public Transport

In my early morning reflections as part of my miracle morning routine, one of the main reflections is to save money for retirement. And one of the big ticket items in my budget is the transport itself. It’s quite a lot given the number of highways surrounding me. For example:

  • Penchala Link – RM3
  • Kerinchi Link – RM2

That’s a total of RM5. Minus the petrol. My car is highly inefficient at 15L per 100km. At RM per L, I am paying RM0.30 per KM or RM4.50 one way to office. Parking is about RM10.

So in total, if I was to drive, am looking at RM29 at least. Toll, petrol and parking inclusive. If I was to include my maintenance and the cost of the car, I think it’s probably be in the region of RM50 to RM100 per day! In fact it is probably more because the amount I pay for my hire purchase.


As part of my morning reflection, I also look at how I will save money for my retirement. Perhaps that deserve another musing. Will add that to topic list. One thing for sure, I can’t help it but to push hard for an early retirement. I do want to retire at the age of 45. I think that’s a prime time to retire. While I am still healthy and strong, will allow me to travel the world and experience all the things that I sacrificed whilst working.

In fact the whole public transport is because of the thoughts about retirement. Happiness is the word when I see my plan to be on track. And with public transport, I can even fast track that further.

Writing More of My Thoughts

I think this is about my thoughts, what’s in my screwed up mind. It maybe big, but it’s super screwed up. Then again, there are a lot of shit in there. I must say. Expressing thru this medium is interesting

I think I am done for the day. To be continued.