Hari Raya Aidilfitri

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Another round of fasting done, it went pretty fast. Perhaps because this year I was particularly busy with work. So many deadlines and tasks within the month. In fact, I even travelled to Singapore due to meeting commitments (never like to travel during fasting month).

Now – it’s time for food. After a month of fasting, it is time for gluttony! Really? Hopefully not. To me Raya is the time for family and friends to get together and celebrate this auspicious day.

Above is a picture from last year. Where we celebrated Raya at my parents house. Not a full gang as my eldest sister was in Abu Dhabi. Tomorrow when we celebrate, it’ll be almost a full house, except for my sister’s step son who is studying in the UK at the moment.

Raya is also a time where the younger ones (including me!) give away Duit Raya. For the first time ever, I managed to finish “packing” the duit raya and hopefully tomorrow everything will go smoothly. It does help to work for a bank as I can call up the branch manager to help me prepare new notes!

Above is an old photo of me, celebrating raya back in the 80s. Those were the good old days where things were far simpler.

Till tomorrow.. the time for gluttony…

Foreign Workers

I Love Malaysia, Photography

It’s amusing to see the fact that the workers that we see all over the place are foreign workers. To me it’s not bad, but it does show either two things:

  1. We have progressed to a point that labor work can be outsourced to foreign worker
  2. We just just being lazy ass and let the foreign worker do the work. 

To be honest, I seriously think that it is the latter. I do see a lot of people complaint about not having jobs but when we see the work that’s out there, it does seem like the labor work is done by foreigners. 

The more serious case was the crane incident in Raja Chulan where a crane hook fell down on a kelisa, and killed instantly a 24-year old lady. Apparently the crane operator is a foreigner, and to my knowledge this would be impossible as only locals can be certified. Let’s see what happen next.

As I said earlier, I do not think the infusion of foreign labor into the workforce is a bad thing. But if it’s done with the wrong intent – this might be detrimental to the future of this country. 

Yes – we are built on a society of immigrants. Back then – the Malay, India, Arabs, Chinese etc came to this land in view of trade and exploration. And as we grew, different people worked on different things like plantation and mining. And now things would have been different – so would bringing immigrants be different. I don’t know. 

Anyway – I do have a few friends who are foreign workers. One thing I have to give it them, they are definitely hardworking and focus on having a better life for themselves and the family. I remember one Bangladeshi guy told me – “I invest my life in Malaysia for my children and their children”. Which is true, if they can lift their family out of poverty – their children will reap the benefit and seek a better life thru better education etc. 

Enough of ranting. Time to work!!!