It is day 1 of Full MCO. I do not care of what people say about it, but the principle behind it is very simple…


To protect Yourself,

Your Family,

Your Loved Ones

I have heard so many stories, some are from really close friends. In the past, I always heard from social media, but this time around, a few of those people are within the people that I personally know. There is no more time to waste, now is the time for us to really do what we needed to do months ago, which is to stay home to stay safe.

But – despite all of these, there are also certain groups of people which will need to still go out. And this is limited to what the government classify essential services. Yes – the SOP is not done properly, it is highly confusing and at times filled with gaps, but the fact of the matter is very simple –


In the past 24 hours, it has been quite a hassle to ensure the carer that my family paid to come over to my parents’ house, which so happens to be outside of the district. We have been relying on the carer’s service for many years and this pandemic has really made it a lot more challenging. The way to get the permission permit is so confusing, especially for niche but essential service like carers. As we speak, we are still trying to do what we need to do but it definitely seems difficult. Let us hope and pray that I am able to find a way to make this possible, because without a carer – it is really troublesome for my dad given that he stays with my mum. The rest of my siblings stay in different districts.



First things first – make sure you take the proper measures to ensure your and your household’s safety (we are in lockdown).

Second – instead of finding fault, look for suggestion and funnel them to the right channel.


You think that the vaccination is so slow.

Why don’t you volunteer rather than complaining ?

If you have nothing better to say or to help, stay home and keep quiet.


Ranting on Covid

Petugas barisan hadapan sudah penat. Tapi kami masih gagahi demi menyelamatkan nyawa anda. Bantulah kami untuk bantu anda & keluarga

One of the highest new cases per million In the World because?

  1. Kerajaan Gagal… (failure government)
  2. Vaksin Lembab… (slow vaccination)
  3. Stupid MCO… Ineffective lockdown

But have we ever thought that some Malaysians:

  • …. still cross districts despite knowing that…
  • … still go to the shopping mall for the sake of jalan jalan despite knowing that…
  • still jalan jalan visit your loved ones for raya despite knowing that…
  • … still go to your girlfriends/boyfriends house… despite knowing that…
  • … still do group running/cycling and claim “bumping” into them… despite knowing that ….
  • … still go into panic buying despite knowing that….
  • … still cross-state border by making up an excuse and ask for permit despite knowing that….

It is not about whether you allowed or not allowed..

It is not about whether you get caught..

It is not about whether I see other people do.. so I do…

It is about us taking responsibility and accountability for the actions … our own actions…The front liners are suffering and doing their very best, and what are we doing as Malaysians?

Our own attitude will cause many more people who will suffer due to the economic slowdown because of the stupidity of some Malaysians and their “tidak apa” attitude.

We, as Malaysians, need to start to take responsibility for what is happening. ..The only way we can get thru this if we do this TOGETHER

Fun Posts Photography

Missing Photography

It has been a long while since I last took any photos. My cameras are all inside my dry box, waiting for me to take it out and shoot. The question that I have in my mind is:

Should I go out and shoot

The Situation Now

Here are the facts with regards to the situation:

  1. Movement Control Order has been transitioned to Conditional Movement Control Order.
  2. There are no limits with regards to the movement except for the areas designated as a lockdown. The Ministry of Health will lock down any areas if there are clusters detected.
  3. We can go out and roam around but will need to take the necessary precautions like social distancing and masks.

Should I Wait?

Honestly, I am not particularly sure whether I can or not go out. The facts that I listed above is based on what I read in the papers. Even today, when I drove to The Curve to buy a birthday present for my dad, I was not very sure but took the chance as I really need to get him a present (sounds stupid right?). Yes – come to think of it.

Here is my thought process with regards to whether it is safe to go out:

  1. I need to pay particular attention to social distancing.
  2. Always wear a mask.
  3. Do not interact with people UNLESS it is absolutely necessary.
  4. Stay away from crowds.

Seriously, it is a predicament that I have. After more than 1.5 months being stuck at home (or in-office), I am now rearing to go out to get fresh air. Though shooting is a non-essential activity. I can postpone this further rather than taking unnecessary risks.

After – reading what I wrote above, I have made the decision to NOT GO OUT and will stay at home until further notice. I will decide again, come next week.

I Love Malaysia

Pandemic Update #3 – Conditional MCO, my thoughts?

First of all, thank you to ALL THE FRONT LINERS for all the hard work. I really appreciate the sacrifices that all of you have made. Nothing will be able to repay all your sacrifices.

After almost 6 weeks of MCO – the Prime Minister of Malaysia announced on 1st May that the MCO measures will be relaxed and nearly all economic sectors can resume operations on 4th May 2020 (Source: [The Star]).

My Thoughts

I think the reopening is too abrupt and too risky given the state that we are in. I prefer a softer landing to open the business gradually, and not let the flock out of the cage. I do understand the concept of sharing the responsibility where everybody has to follow a strict SOP. But, hand to heart, do we think Malaysians can do this?

The Economic Dilemma_
The challenge I have in my head, how long? The economy is not able to sustain a prolonged MCO. According to the Prime Minister in the same announcement – the economy is losing RM2.4 billion a day, and to date (I assume 1st May), the total losses have amounted to RM63 billion. Based on the survey made by the Department of Statistics released on 9th April – 46.6% of self-employed worker has lost their jobs, and this is mostly from Agriculture sector. In fact, 94.8% of self-employed worker reported reduced income due to the Covid-19.

Lives and Livelihood
According to the Director-General of Health in his 1st May daily briefing, there must be a balance between “Lives and Livelihood”. The way I interpret this is that the MCO cannot last forever. The Livelihood of the citizens is impacted. This is true for those who are not able to get any income during the lockdown. As much as we want to eradicate Covid-19, there won’t be a permanent solution until a vaccine is available.

Community Responsibility
I guess the Government is taking a leap of faith to share the responsibility to the community as we transition to a “new norm”. New norm being, social distancing, mask, hand sanitizers, temperature check etc. Strict SOP has been issued by the Ministry of Health to the sectors. I do hope that each of and every one of us will abide by the SOP.

I agree that we must strike a balance between Lives and Livelihood. Where possible, we must adapt to the new norm as we venture into this new era. I will continue to “MCO” myself with a little bit of flexibility to exercise outdoors where possible.

What do you think?

I Love Malaysia

Pandemic Update #2

It has been 39 days since the start of the Movement Control Order. The number of positive cases has dropped to double-digit for the last couple of days. Definitely a good sign but it is not the time for Malaysia to relax their rule. Despite the economy moving at the lowest level ever, it is something that we have to go thru for us to save ourselves from the virus.

The best way to contain the virus is for everybody to isolate themselves. Movement Control Order – being enforced, there are still so many that’s flouting the rule. We cannot afford to get into another wave. The economy has been halted for a very long time, and every day we in MCO, so much money is lost and many more jobs are gone. Let us all work together to recover from this pandemic.

If anything, the pandemic has made Malaysia stronger than ever. Despite those Covidiots, Malaysians have grown to be much more united than ever. Rising to a level where we have not experienced before. And all these behaviours will shape the “new normal”. In addition to the digital transformation that is happening everywhere, the new humanly behaviour will transform the Malaysian into a more caring society.
On top of that, we all now realise how important are the front liners, especially in the medical field. I remember a couple of months ago, there was a drama about us limiting the housemen and contracts for the hospitals (I think..). And now, more than ever – they are the seeds for one of the many battles that will emerge in the future.

I am confident that we will survive this, and we will emerge stronger!