Morning Breakfast

Not far from the Noodle Factory – is the Kopitiam that the locals will have their breakfast. The time is not that early but I am surprised that there are not many people having breakfast here. I would have thought that there will be a lot more people here!


Cafe Hunting – Blue Bottle Aoyama

One of the joy in life is to go cafe hunting whenever you are on holiday. This morning I woke up quite late – as I was extremely tired from the major flight screw up on Sunday. I lost a whole day of walking and a seat in first class. So this morning, instead of having coffee around my hotel, I decided to go and have coffee in one of the nice cafes. I do have a list from my friend but it seems to that the place that I wanted to go was closed!

So – googling around and found Blue Bottle not too far. Quick walk and wow, managed to find the place. Pretty nice looking place indeed. Didn’t expect the coffee shop to be this nice. I’ve been to blue bottle before and bought a whole bunch of coffee beans and latte. It was awesome. And the queue was pretty looooong indeed. This morning – it was great.

So this morning I had a small lot Guatemalan coffee – single origin drip. Pretty nice flavour. Not too strong, not too sour. Just nice and clean! Love it. Now I am deciding whether I want to bring any coffee beans back today or not. Maybe I’ll buy a bag or two or three. So that in case I don’t have time – I still have some coffee!

Also – to pair with my coffee is toast with poach egg. Something simple. Didn’t bother to eat anything fancy. But one thing for sure in Japan – their toast are just awesome. In my mind – I always think if I should just get my bread supplies from Japanese bakery like Sun Moulin. Then again – I should be cutting in carbs and not be consuming too much bread.

Ok then… to end this post. Just a view of of my sloppy travel look…


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Blue Bottle Coffee@Tokyo

I am definitely a coffee addict and I have 3 types espresso machine from this site at home to prove it. Looking at the amount coffee that I consume – I do spend a lot of money on coffee. When I was in Japan – I did go to Starbucks almost every single morning because they do have very good brewed coffee – or Coffee Of The Day. Same goes when I got back to Malaysia – I continue to have brewed coffee whenever I have time to get a cup of Joe early in the morning. As I am an early bird – most definitely it is almost like a daily affair. One thing about brewed coffee, it gotta be fresh off the brew otherwise it will taste like shit.

Now back to blue bottle. I have never heard of them before, but on the last day, while chilling by the roadside waiting for the time when I need to go to take my train to Narita, I saw this coffee shop near Shinjuku. So many people were queueing up for it. So I could not help it but to google for the brand – Blue Bottle. I couldn’t help it but to see this article.


So – I quickly pack up and rush. Thank god – the queue was not so bad then (so I think). What I did not know what that the queue was just for the order, and then you had to wait while they make your coffee. It was a good 15 mins before I had my coffee. Anyway – the coffee was really good I must say. One of the best that I’ve tasted in Japan. I will definitely come here again. I also got a chocolate saffron cookie. Oh emmm geee. It was so good.

Here are some of the photos that I took while waiting for my coffee.

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Day 4 – Jobless in Japan: Arashimaya via Kyoto

Today is the day that I am going Arashimaya. Arashimaya is a western district of Kyoto. It is a major touristy site! Going there just for the check box exercise.

In order to go there from where I stayed, I need to take a local train from Kyoto Station. It is a 15 mins ride. As I have a JR Rail Pass, I just need to show the conductor my pass and here I go! The track is track 31-33 at the JR West Gate.

The train will take you to Saga-Arashiyama Station. Do note that there are two types of train, one will take you direct to this station from Kyoto, while the other will take you thru most of the stop. To me it does not matter as I am not rushing for time. It took me less than 30 mins to get to Arashiyama.

Once you get to Arashiyama Station, you will need to walk about 10 mins to get to the Main Street of Arashiyama. Here you can make a decision on whether to go to the Bamboo Forest or you can Tenryuji Temple.

A bit of video from today’s adventure!



Chaiwalla & Co Container Cafe Review

Few days back – I had sometime, thus I decided to finally try out this cafe. I have seen this cafe so many times but never had the chance to try it out.


I heard good things about this cafe – more down towards the coffee that they offered which is vietnamese coffee. Honestly, I am kind of sick with espresso – had that way too many times. Time to go back to basic and drink the vietnamese coffee. Honestly – vietnamese coffee is probably not the most healthiest around, as it is laden with sugar (from condensed milk). But because of that – it makes the coffee taste awesome!

The cafe is located in between The Curve and Tesco Mutiara Damansara, as per the map below.


It’s not shown here, but it’s somewhere in front of 7-Eleven Kiosk – The Curve.


I did ask the person – whether they are known for coffee or tea, and the person said that the Container Cafe is known more for their tea, instead of their coffee. I am like hmm. Who cares la, I just want my vietnamese iced coffee.


I ordered the Regular Ice Vietnamese Coffee. Resisted the temptation to get the large one. Hey – there’s a lot of sugar ok!


The coffee came in a sealed packaging – something similar to bubble tea, hehe. Anyway – the verdict – the coffee is awesome as I imagine. Would definitely comeback for more 😀 Check out for best packagings for your favourite drinks.

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Coffee – Fuel For The Weak?


Caffeine is a bitter, white crystalline xanthine alkaloid that is a psychoactive stimulant. Caffeine was isolated from coffee in 1820 by a German chemist, Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge, and in 1821 by French chemists working independently; namely, by Robiquet and by Pelletier and Caventou. It was Pelletier, noting that the drug had been isolated from coffee (French: café), who coined the word “cafeine”,[5] which became the English word “caffeine”


Psychoactive stimulant means that it gives the “natural” boost the zzz feeling. And if you are not zzz, then you will be then put into a turbo mode – a mode that allow you to do things at super-human level. Like work harder, run faster and jumper higher(exaggeration of course).

Regardless the definition of coffee and caffeine, what every human needs is the “boost” that gives us the super ability to do our normal tasks better. As we are used to the dosage of this harmless drug, we tend to get addicted. I myself I must say already addict to this(since young), and will be almost impossible for me to runaway from it. In fact, it has been a normal routine for me to drink coffee first thing in the morning. No water, no orange juice – that perfect espresso shot is the “sweet” dose that allow me to start my day.

So, what happened if I don’t get my coffee? Craving – what else is there. I don’t feel weak or sleepy, I just feel thirst for that shot(caffeine withdrawal syndrome). Then the question is, can I just forget about coffee and just drink plain water. Some say coffee is bad for human. Truthfully, I think I can’t do that. Coffee is like chocolate to some human. It’s food for the soul. The challenge is for me to avoid taking coffee with other additives that is high in calories. Things like milk, sugar and flavored syrup.


For example, if I was to drink a latte, that’s like drinking a whole glass of milk with few shots of espresso. Drinking latte without brown sugar is like a sin! So adding the brown sugar will just top up the number of calories. Glad that lately I have been able to get myself away from cappuccino and latte (does not help when the company provides the workers with an endless supply of latte and cappuccino). So now my coffee is limited to either black coffee (and milk for coloring) or espresso shots. It makes me feel less guilty, and of course cheaper. In Starbucks, it cost me RM7.95 for a Coffee Of The Day whilst a Latte or Cappucino will cost me RM11.15.


So now – do you drink coffee? And why do you drink it?

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Am a Coffee Addict

Being in the IT line has it’s perks. Slightly bigger salary, faster promotion cycle, thicker glasses, high stress level and much more.

But if there’s something that I will carry on even if I an out of this line would be my extreme addiction to coffee. I typically take about 5 to 8 cups of coffee a day. Usually black with equal(due to diet).

The draw back would be high blood pressure. In fact, lucky enough I have manage to bring down to a healthy level in the pass two months. Usually it’s around 150-90, but now I am getting about 115-75. Which is quite an improvement.

He he.

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What i got for….. fun – Nespresso Le Cube


I bought this machine from Singapore for SGD 678! I must say, the quality of the coffee is far better than my current coffee beans. This is definitely because the coffee capsules are purpose made, and fresh! Vacuum sealed!


Each brew will give the crema that what starbucks fail to ensure on every cup! He he 😀

Oh yeah.. In addition to the coffee machine, i also manage to get the “promotion” milk frother from nespresso for SGD99…


This one, it works based on magnetic induction to move the frothing coil… very good quality froth, in fact better than the normal steamed based frother… plus… its easier to clean 😉