Closing Down Part 2

Just next to the noodle maker in Chow Kit market, there’s a coffee shop that has been serving up warmth and comfort for years. Its rustic charm, with the concrete roof and worn-out wooden tables, tells a story of a bygone era.

But today, the coffee shop stands empty. The usual chatter and clinking of coffee cups are replaced by an eerie silence. The mood is gloomy, mirroring the fate of its neighbor, the noodle maker. The shop is closing down, making way for new developments. The only solace is the potential of moving to a new building nearby.

The family, sat down in the coffee shop – quiet. There’s a sense of resignation in his eyes. Perhaps it’s time to call it a day, to move on. The coffee shop, once bustling with life, now waits in silence for its inevitable end.

As I walk away, I can’t help but feel a sense of loss. The coffee shop was more than just a place for a quick caffeine fix. It was a part of the community, a piece of Chow Kit’s soul. But as with all things, change is the only constant. And sometimes, moving on is the only way forward.

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