Closing Down

After years of hiatus, I found myself back on the streets, camera in hand, ready to capture life as it unfolded. The thrill of street photography, the unpredictability, the raw emotions, and the stories waiting to be told, all came rushing back to me.

My journey led me back to a familiar place, the bustling Chow Kit market in Kuala Lumpur. A place teeming with life, colors, and the aroma of fresh produce and local delicacies. But there was one particular attraction that drew me in – a humble noodle maker.

Revisiting this noodle maker was like stepping back in time. The rhythmic dance of kneading the dough, the swift precision of cutting the noodles, and the steam rising from the boiling pot created a mesmerizing spectacle. The noodles, oh, the noodles! They were a class apart, each strand carrying the legacy of a craft perfected over time.

However, amidst the hustle and bustle, there was an air of melancholy. The owner, an elderly man with a face etched with years of hard work and dedication, was preparing to close his shop. Development was encroaching upon the market, and rumors were that the council would soon demolish the building.

The owner, with his weathered hands and tired eyes, seemed ready for retirement. Yet, there was a certain sadness in his smile, a reluctance to let go of the shop that had been his life’s work. His shop was more than just a place of business; it was a piece of history, a testament to the tradition of handmade noodles, and a symbol of the spirit of Chow Kit market.

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