Writer’s Block

One of the reasons why I continue to write a blog is because I want to improve my writing. Being a non-native speaker, I am not very good at writing long articles. My emails are generally short and concise. In some instances, it is just a three-letter acronym email.
At this point, I have a writer’s block. I do not have a clue about what to write at all!

Fundamentally, I do not have a topic of focus for my blog. If I list down the things that I intend to do with my blog, here goes:

1 – Sharing my photos
2 – Sharing my illustration
3 – Sharing my travels
4 – Infographics about things that I learn
5 – Ramblings about current affairs (anything and everything).

It is a personal blog, so therefore I do not have a particular topic per se. Looking at the priorities above, most of the items do not require much writing apart from number 5. Even I dive further to the most popular post on my blog; my JPJ blacklist adventure is by far the highest.

Writing topics like that are good, but it requires a lot of research and experience. I can always perform desktop research and consolidate the findings in a post, but I do find that to be time-consuming. Perhaps I could change my focus towards writing up processes as what I do at work on specific government topics – like license renewal or passport renewal. Again – this is time-consuming and time that I do not have.

The reason why I can write at this point is that it is car-free morning and I want to go to KL to do some street shooting. The roads are opened at 9 am, and now it is 8.30 am. KL Car Free Morning is now twice a month – on 1st, and 2nd Sunday between 7 am to 9 am.

The other option that I can do is to write a topic that I am very familiar with, which is to do PowerPoint deck. I think I am probably in the top 30% hence it will be useful if I write on this topic!

See – I don’t have a writer’s block anymore. Writing helps me to clear my mind and brainstorm. Let’s see if I can do this. I am going to target to write my first article of deck making today! In fact – I will start a new Category just on PowerPoint. This is going to be fun!

p/s – My 30 days challenge to post a blog post everyday is completed but of course it is not published yet. It has been scheduled till March!

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