Reflections after 15 years

My first blog post is on 3rd February 2005. That is almost 16 years of blogging. It started on which was then migrated to after I bought the domain.

It started as a personal sharing space. More for me to write down my ramblings then progressed into a place where I share my photos. Back when there was no Facebook, blog was the best way to share my photos. In fact – whenever I share something on the net, I will point back to my blog.

My 500px page
My not really updated flickr page!

Many years later, a lot of my friends have abandoned their blog for more sharing services such as 500px and Flickr. I have left Flickr but continue to use the blog as it allows me to practice my writings. Honestly – it has been up and down but reading thru the blog is a journey thru my life. I do hope to continue to write on this blog because it is a real journal of my online presence. Yes – I do have a paper journal that I keep, but I do want my online presence to be there as long as I am here.

I don’t market my blog as much as I should do, but to me, it is a personal space that every now and then somebody will see. I should continue my journey of self-discovery and use the blog as sharing space on Facebook. At least when I share something, somebody will open my blog and check out the article that I write.

The thing about my blog is that I treat it like an Instagram. I post a picture instead of sharing an article. I should start moving into an article mode rather than sharing single photos. Writing this personal note – made me think on the direction of the blog. I need more people to read my blog, so I need to write a more comprehensive article so that it becomes a real point of reference.

I guess, today’s morning rambling really made me think and decide on the direction. I will still continue to post single images but will focus most of my effort on writing articles for sharing. The one of top of my head is the one on Pulau Duyung. After my trip to Kuala Terengganu, it really made me think of the things that are lost in Malaysia and how we should continue to preserve it, online or offline.

The conversation that I had with Taib and Naquib really opened my eyes. While other people looking at holidays outside the country, I should focus on discovering the different aspects of life in the country. Yes – it may sounds cliche, but this is a more fulfilling aspect of life.

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