Day 1 : Noboribetsu Jigokudani and Lake Toya

Noboribetsu Jigokudani or the hell valley is the first stop that I went to after getting out of the plane.

Thank god that I managed to get a good sleep in the plane, the drive was not so bad. Though I was slightly grumpy at the airport because the wait for the car rental took so long. Initially the person mentioned that it’ll be 15 mins, but actually it took 30 mins. I realised that the rental place is really far!

Similar to Owakudani, coming over here smells the same. Rotten egg all over. Strange enough, they don’t have the black eggs in Jigokudani.

This place is living truly to the hell valley where they somewhat use the “hell” icon pretty much everywhere. As per the photo above, can see the “satan” logo as the indicator on the toilet!

After Jigokudani, I drove up slightly higher and rich Omuya Pond. Its a pond with a large pool of hot water!

The colour of the water is somewhat turqoise-ish! Perhaps a bit exaggerated from my processing of the photos!

After finishing at Omuya Pond, I continued driving upwards towards the Lake Kuttara lookout point.

The view is ok, wish there were no trees blocking it!

Clearly – there are not a lot of people coming to this part of the world as it was only my car at the parking lot.

After checked in to my hotel, had dinner in town – Aigawa Sushi. It was pretty decent.

Aigawa Sushi –

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