Portraits from Crossing Bridges – Hanoi

Crossing Bridges is the best thing that ever happened in my photography journey. This is a major throwback. Back in 2006, I attended my first Crossing Bridges trip. The Hanoi trip is the 2nd out of many Crossing Bridges. It was great to be given an opportunity to be part of the team to go. In fact, I was supposed to go to the first one, which is Hong Kong but due to unforeseen circumstances, I couldn’t go.

I honestly always miss Crossing Bridges. It is one of the most fun trip that I have ever been, as I am able to make friends with similar focus from other places. For the trip to Hanoi, it includes Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. And some of the photographers that I met then are still my friends up till today.

2006 is still my early years. In fact it was only 1 year since I bought my first DSLR, thus the photos that I’ve taken is useless. In fact, when we collected the best photos for the trip, I sent a whole bunch of portraits. Portraits? More like shoot and go. And from that point onwards, I learnt that to shoot is too also look at having a story.

Following are photos from Singapore, which is the first stop before I head over to Hanoi. Just a whole bunch of portraits from a temple near by to the hostel that we’ve stayed.

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