It has been a while since I last wrote on this blog. I must say that I have been extremely busy especially with my work where I had to travel back and forth from Singapore on weekly basis. Just crazy to be honest, but I am enjoying every bit of it. Tiring – but there’s a sense of meaningfulness that I have long missed since my days in Accenture.

Anyway – in the past month or so, I indulged myself into a new hobby. More like getting myself into a hole that I don’t think I would ever get out. Big boys toys (more of it). I started to get into the world of vinyls or records or LP or what ever you call it.

I am not sure how it all started, but I did thought about getting myself a hifi system a year ago, but never got around to do it as I was not focused. So one fine day I decided to pickup one, and then I straight got into buying a turn table. In fact, now I have two turn tables!

Sony PS-HX500
Not the best
Hi-Res Audio

I used the PS-HX500 to convert the records to DSD so that I can here on the move. Not the easiest to convert as it takes time, but the recording is very decent.

My main turntable is a Rega P6 (or RP6) – not sure which one is which. I hook this up to my amplifier and it sounded amazing. In fact, the good thing about records is that you don’t get music fatigue and I can listen for hours. The question now, do I have enough records? Well I guess that is my favourite past time now which to look for the records that I like. A lot of places in KL and Singapore I must say, but $$$ … hahaha

Rega P6

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