Looking forward for my holiday break


I still remember back when I was extremely active in photography. Every single weekend, I will be going out to the streets to shoot photo. Be it landscape, architecture or even street. Over time, I improved my skills and now, to me I can say that I am generally good in comparison to other amateurs.

Years passed by, my priorities changed. I have picked up many other hobbies like drawings and motorcycling. Recently – I gave up motorcycling because I didn’t have enough time to ride. I guess, there was a bit of fear in me and that kind of prevented me from riding every weekend. Yes – it was a very expensive hobby, but sometimes, we grew over it and change our priorities. Now – I am back at doing photography, but not as active as before.

The focus of my photography now, is more to do it during my holidays. This year, I’ve been going on holidays for quite often. In fact, to my count – I have been to the following places:
1. Chiang Mai in January
2. Yangon in February
3. Japan in March/April
4. Bangkok in April (slightly extended from my work trip)

In May – I was supposed to go to Manado for a colleague wedding, but due to work commitment, I had to change my plan. I regretted that to be honest, but I guess we need to focus on work. Holidays need money!

My next trip will be in 2 weeks time where I will be heading over to Hokkaido for 2 weeks break. In fact, it’ll be driving trip. First time ever. I have not done a driving trip before so I guess this is the time to try. It’s during summer thus it’ll be quite fun!

The following shows the video of my trip. This is the plan. All hotels has been booked and I am looking forward for the trip.

In preparation for the trip, I have started imagining what kind of photograph that I want to shoot. It is extremely important as in my previous holidays, I was not prepared for the photography aspect and felt that my gear was not good enough to enjoy the holiday. This time around, I went to a crazy extend where I bought a new camera! My Leica M10, though its very good, it is not suited to do landscape. I have not decided whether I will bring it along as it’ll add more weight! Still thinking about it. Let’s see.

In addition to the camera, I also gotten myself a set of square filters to help shoot landscape. Its an expensive investment I must say, but I guess square filters are things that you will buy once, and you will use if forever. One of these days, I should blog about it. I have not gotten the chance to fully try it. The weather has been very demotivating. Sigh. I have 2 weeks to go and I do intend to try it out!

Lee Filters!

Lee Filters!

I have a lot of expectation for my trip, especially on the photos. I hope I don’t disappoint myself!



It has been a while since I last wrote on this blog. I must say that I have been extremely busy especially with my work where I had to travel back and forth from Singapore on weekly basis. Just crazy to be honest, but I am enjoying every bit of it. Tiring – but there’s a sense of meaningfulness that I have long missed since my days in Accenture.

Anyway – in the past month or so, I indulged myself into a new hobby. More like getting myself into a hole that I don’t think I would ever get out. Big boys toys (more of it). I went on the on turntable.guide website, saw a few under 300 turntables and started to get into the world of vinyls and records.

I am not sure how it all started, but I did thought about getting myself a hifi system a year ago, but never got around to do it as I was not focused. So one fine day I decided to pickup one, and then I straight got into buying a turn table. In fact, now I have two turn tables!

Sony PS-HX500
Not the best
Hi-Res Audio

I used the PS-HX500 to convert the records to DSD so that I can here on the move. Not the easiest to convert as it takes time, but the recording is very decent.

My main turntable is a Rega P6 (or RP6) – not sure which one is which. I hook this up to my amplifier and it sounded amazing. In fact, the good thing about records is that you don’t get music fatigue and I can listen for hours. The question now, do I have enough records? Well I guess that is my favourite past time now which to look for the records that I like. A lot of places in KL and Singapore I must say, but $$$ … hahaha

Rega P6